Under the Sun of Pialat

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Direction : William KarelProduced by 10.7 Production2021
Maurice Pialat was an immense filmmaker and a man of rare requirement, in his art as in his profession of living. A nonconformist, an outsider whose originality and passion have elevated to the rank of legend in just ten films. A singular path that William Karel observed very closely for twenty years. From this perspective and this privileged relationship, personal archives and unpublished testimonies, the director tells the incredible journey of a Cinema's genius and of a man who is both so strong and so fragile.

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Original Soundtrack

Excerpts to listen

Sous le Soleil de Pialat - Recording Session
Composition & OrchestrationOlivier MilitonMusic Production

Recorded at the Tom Tom Studio by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra

Artistic Direction : François Rousselot

Piano – Sylvain Morizet & Olivier Militon

Keys, programing – Olivier Militon

Composer’s Assistant – Thérence Guillerme


Théo Josso


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