Mr Noir and the Monster of the Basement

Direction : Jan-Peter Meier2009
European Talent AwardsFilm Score CategorySoundtrack Cologne Festival 2011

Music composed for the European Talent music and sound design competition on the animation film “Mr Noir and the Monster of the basement”. Sound design by Nathan Blais, awarded in the sound design category.

Jury’s statement : « Olivier Militon’s music is used to subtle dramaturgic effect. It underpins the story and the emotions which go with it, yet retains its own artistic independence. Time after time the composition builds up an arc of tension while, at the same time, leaving room for the sound design. »

The young boy Jacques is very much afraid of the dark basement. In his very lively imagination monsters are waiting for him there. To make it even worse the monster is accompanied by Monsieur Noir, a dark, sinister character that gives Jacques’ fear a face. Through him it becomes tangible and at the same time it grows bigger and menacing … almost insurmountable. Almost. As Jacques and the audience will learn, certain fears only exist in one’s head and can therefore be overcome.

Jan-Peter Meier