Indochina, a forgotten war

indochine affiche cineteve ecpad
Direction : David Korn-BrzozaProduction : Cinétévé, ECPAD2023
It was the 20th century’s most violent war of decolonization. From 1940 to 1954, the jewel in the crown of France’s colonial empire was on fire. Each and every bomb, each and every round of ammunition masked military aid from major Western and Communist powers for whom winning the conflict had become a high stakes objective for the next stage of the Cold War… For the first time ever, this exceptional documentary aims to recount the entirety of that forgotten conflict.
Written by

David Korn-Brzoza, Olivier Wieviorka & Lucie Pastor

Voice Over

Philippe Torreton





Original Score

carte de l indochine française ©cinetevecarte des défenses de dien bien phu ©cineteve2023 09 alhambra 1 3 e1695504270684 blackwhite
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Original MusicOlivier MilitonMusic Executive Production

Recorded at The Alhambra Studios (Rochefort – France)


Violin 1 : Arnaud Chataigner
Violin 2 : Mathias Guerry
Viola : Cédric Borgel
Cello : Karine Delage
Clarinets : Pascal Combeau
Bassoons : Franck Leblois
Piano, Keys, programing : Olivier Militon
Copy : Victor Basier

Music Mix

Vincent Barcelo