Gold in the dust

Direction : Jade MiettonProduction : Koklico Production2018
Surviving and finding gold. The daily goal of thousands of Saharans today. In the desert of Ténéré, a recent activity restores hope to a people in search of the future: gold panning. A huge rush that takes us to meet the different actors of this incredible business, from dust to ingot, from the Sahara to the Western world.
Delegated Production

Yoann Nurier & Nicolas Coquet – koklico production




Original Soundtrack

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Composition & OrchestrationOlivier MilitonExecutive Music Production

Fulani & Flutes, Ney : Louis Soret
Guitars, Synths, Programming : Olivier Militon

Music Mix

Yoann Veyrat (Miroslav Pilon)