The beach. Azure sea, white sand. His bronzed sunbathers, blackened, blushed. Among this crowd, not one big. He remains holed up in his lair, well protected from the sun and the noisy mass. Behind the curtains, he contemplates Mary, young and beautiful holiday … and waits for the night …


Year : 2013

Director : Jean-Charles Paugam

Production : Offshore (Paris)

Support : CNC, Région Bretagne, Département du Finistère, Cosip

Length : 12 mn



P r i z e s

DIRECTING PRIZE at the Seinema Festival of Triel sur Seine 2013

BEST EUROPEAN FILM at the Badalona Filmets Curts international short film Festival (Spain) 2014

S é l e c t i o n s

Nominated for the UNIFRANCE PRICE 2014

Clermont-Ferrand international short film Festival (“Films en région”) 2014

Sacramento French film Festival (USA) 2014

Saint Louis Filmfest 2014

Interfilm Berlin 2014

Istanbul International short films Festival (Turkey) 2014

Saint-Sébastien Fantastic film Festival 2014

Grenoble international short film Festival (France) 2014

Palm Springs International Film Festival & ShortFest (USA) 2014

Crypt Show international film Festival (Spain) 2014

La Luz international short film Festival (Colombia) 2014

Strasbourg’s international fantastic Festival (Fr) 2014

Audincourt Fantastic film Festival “Bloody Weekend” 2014

20 min Max Festival Ingolstadt (Germany) 2014

Honfleur short film Festival 2014

Montluçon short film Festival 2014

Lanton Festival “Les Toiles de Mer” 2014

30th mediterraneen cinema festival – Lunel – France 2014

Puteaux international short film Festival 2013

Fifth short film’s meetings of Montpellier 2013

Noyon short film festival 2013

Brest European short film 2013





Music recorded with the support of the Spedidam Fund.

Musicians :
Olivier Demontrond : Horns, Trumpets, Trombones.
Fayçal Cheboub : Violins, Violas.
Corentin Faure : Cello.
Olivier Militon : Pianos, programing.