The Heirs






André Jourdel is a cattle dealer. He has three son with whom he is dealing. When he buys cattles on the market with Hubert, Thierry who fatten them before Dominique cut them for sale to the slaughter. As long as he canl, André will help running the family business but their children do not see the development of the business in the same way.



Year : 2016

Direction : Maxence Voiseux

Production : Zeugma FilmsLiaison Cinématographique

Sales : Vosges Télévision Images Plus

Length : 55 mn



P r i z e s

PATRIMONIAL PRIZE – “Cinéma du Réel” – International documentary films Festival 2016 (Paris – Fr)

GRAND PRIX, BEST EDITING PRIZE  – Festival de L’Archanière – (Lille – Fr)

S é l e c t i o n s

La Plata international independant Film Festival 2016 (ARG)
“Les écrans documentaires” Arcueil 2016 (FR)
Cévennes International Documentary Festival 2016 (FR)