Buffalo Rising



1890, in the great open range of South Dakota plains, Tom and his young son Jack are on their way with cattle for sale. For Tom, this herd is his last chance to get money and offer themselves a fresh start. On their way, they cross path with Buffalos, last remains of a savage land now conquered and squared by land owners and big ranchers. Tom and Jack set camp on the open land…


Year : 2014

Direction : Pierre Yves HAMPARTZOUMIAN

Screenplay : Pierre Yves HAMPARTZOUMIAN – Laurent BERTIN

Production : Les auteurs, Pixel Commando, l’autredimension.

Length : 15 mn



P r i z e s

Best Music – Paul Simon Short film festival 2015 – Binic (France)

Best Cinematography – Los Angeles Independant Film Festival 2015 (USA)

– Award of merit – San Diego Short film Festival 2014 (USA)

– Award of merit – La Jolla Short film Festival 2014 (USA)

Mention of the Jury : “Exciting short film which propose a shirt fiction of western genre. Buffalo Rising featues exceptional story, photography and original score

GRAND PRIX Voreppe Film Festival 2015 (Fr)

S e l e c t i o n s

Nominated for Best Music – Samobor International Music Film Festival 2015 (Croatia)

Festival TRANSFRONTALIER Estavar – Llivia 2015 (Fr)

Golden Palmera 2015 (Dubai)

Goa Short Fest 2015 (Inde)

Cannes Short film corner 2015 (Fr)

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival 2015 (USA)






Violons I & II, Alto : Fayçal Cheboub
Pianos, programmation : Olivier Militon